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Payzapp Add Money issue? Session Expired *Problem Solved* |Here is the solution


Hi Guys, I hope you people are looting all the payzapp offers. But from last few days some problem is coming at the time of adding money in the payzapp wallet.

Whenever we are adding money in our wallet it’s showing a massage “In App Payment”, “Session Expired“.

If you are facing the same problem then don’t worry i have a solution for you and that’s working great at all the times.

Guys, Before knowing the solution, First we should know the solution automatically.

At the time of adding money the main issue happening with our Card (Credit/Debit Card).

Yes Guys, The Card we are using to add money in payzapp wallet may be those specific cards are not accepted by payzapp.

Sometimes ago it was accepting all the cards but currently it’s not.

I Hope Now You Understood The Problem And Solution May Have Came In Your Mind But If Not Don’t worry I’m telling the solution.

Guys, I tried numbers of Rupay/Visa Card but none of them worked.

Even those cards also not working which was previously working very well and i have used to add money.

So, What To Do Now To Add Money?

The solution is very simple. To add money in payzapp wallet we should use a card which is accepted by payzapp.

Which Card Is Accepted By Payzapp?

Currently Payzapp accepting all the Mastercards. Yes guys i tried many card but when I Tried Mastercard it worked. And payment got successful.

Now The Question is Coming what will You do if you don’t have a Mastercard?

Solution is very Simple, Just Download TMW app from playstore.

Create an account, submit your kyc and you’ll get a Free mastercard in this app. which you can use to add money in payzapp wallet. and it’s working perfect.

I have tried many times to add money in different accounts it worked everytime.

Is TMW App Secured?

Yes, You don’t have to worry about that. It has 500k+ installations and 4.0 Rating on the Play store which is proving that the app is secure.

So this was the the trick to add money, Now i hope you are happy with the tricks and Now you’ll be able to add money in your payzapp wallet. Keep looting Your offers. Thank You.



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