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How to Buy/Order Redmi Note 7 Pro In First Flipkart’s Flash Sale.


Hey Everyone, I hope you are excited to buy/order Redmi Note 7 Pro. This is an amazing phone but when it comes to ordering any newly launched phone in the first sale, It becomes little harder for us and many of us not able to book phone in flash sale because stocks are very limited and so many peoples click at same time due to this server of site gets down and websites don’t detect our click, it get fails every time.

But don’t worry guys i have a solution for this that’s why i’m writing this post.

If you read this post till the end and follow all the steps given below then bro you’ll be surely able to order your Redmi Note 7 Pro In first flash sale.

Before Knowing the method we should know some algorithms/process behind the site by which we are able to book the phone.

Have You Ever Thought Why In Flash Sale Our Phone Not Get Added In our Cart Even After Clicking The Add To Cart Button?

At the time of booking when flash sale starts then we all (Who want to buy the phone) People click at the same time On Add To Cart button due to this activity website becomes to heavy and it’s does not work as usual.

And As a result whenever phone comes on sale and we click on add to cart button then our clicks not get detected and our phone does not get added in our cart. If we click the button 40-50 times then it may detect only 4-5 times.

I Hope now you have got some idea about increasing your chance to book the phone.

Have You Got? Yes, of Course if you will be able to click too fast as a robot then surely you will be able to book the.

But You are not a robot then how you can click like a robot. Don’t worry bro you can.

There are many chrome extensions which can do this work for you. So you only have to install the extension after that you don’t need to do anything, Whenever phone will come on sale extension will click on add to cart button and buy your phone for you.

Let Us Discuss this process with the full explanation so that you can understand it very easily and able to book your redmi note 7 pro in first flash sale of flipkart in india.

How To Book/Order Redmi Note 7 Pro in First Sale Of Flipkart.

  • As we have already discussed First of All You have to install a Chrome Extension “Flash sale Helper” In your chrome browser.
  • After Installing the extension click on the extension button which will be available on the top right corner of your browser. [As shown in the picture below]

  • After Clicking on the icon, click on Flipkart auto checkout [as shown in the picture] and select the phone variant which one you want to buy.
  • After Click on the phone variant, it will automatically redirect you on Flipkart website and that flash sale page. 
  • You have to do these process 5 min before starting the sale and wait to start the sale.
  • When the sale will be started this extension will automatically add your selected phone variant into your card and you will have 10 min to select your address, payment option and to place your order.

Using this trick you can easily order your phone before anyone else and you can enjoy. I hope you liked our post. If you liked it then you can follow us by notification and on social media also. Thank You


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