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Buy Amazon Rs. 250 Gift Card at Just Rs. 200 and earn profit of Rs.50 | GYFTR offer

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How to Buy Amazon Rs. 250 Gift Card At Just Rs. 200 and earn profit of Rs. 50

If you want to buy something from amazon or you want to buy gift card for your amazon account then there is an offer running on GYFTR.COM using this offer you can buy worth Rs. 250 amazon gift voucher at just Rs. 200 rupees.

How to get amazon 250 rupees gift card at Just 200 Rupees

All steps are very simple you just need to create an account on gyftr.com.

When you will create your account you’ll get free 50 points on GYFTR as signup bonus.

After creating the account you have to purchase Amazon gift card worth Rs. 250 because your free 50 point will be used only on order 250 or over.

While purchasing your 250 rupees amazon gift voucher you will have to pay only 200 rupees because your 50 free points will be used on this purchase and you’ll get the of 50 rupees.

By this way you can save your 50 rupees on every amazon gift card purchase of rs. 250.

You can do it many times by creating new GYFTR account for every purchase.

Point To Be Noted.

Only First 10,000 User Will Get the 50 points Signup Bonus.

User From 10,001 to 25000 will get 25 points as signup bonus.

Go and SignUp now to get rs.50 bonus and purchase your gift card to redeem the bonus.

Thank You.


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